Treatment and Video

For the patient suffering of ear disease the first contact with the endoscope will be in the outpatient clinic. The external auditory canal and the tympanic membrane are assessed using diagnostic otoendoscopy. [Bild Poliklinik?]


The minimal-invasive endoscopic approach is possible for a wide variety of pathologies. It is also possible to treat children by endoscopic ear surgery.

Mean indications are:

-       Myringotomy and ventilation tube insertion [Video da fare]

-       Tympanic membrane perforations [Video SEES 2016]

-       Cholesteatoma limited to the middle ear [Video SEES 2016]

-       Otosclerosis [Video SEES 2016]

-       Hearing loss due to ossicular chain pathologies

-       Middle ear tumors (paraganglioma, glomus tympanicus type A) [Video da fare]

-       Pathologies of the lateral skull base [Video da fare]

-       Assistance in cochlear implant surgery or in cases of extended disease